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Muzamies was founded in 2010. Previously, countless singing afternoons with some musical friends had led to the creation of a young choir.

After a rehearsal process with self-written scores, Muzamies – then still based in Bruges – came out for the first time. Positive feedback strengthened the group, resulting in more and more 'Muzamiekes' joining the choir.

At the beginning of 2013, it was decided that Ghent was a better location for the ambitious future plans of this motivated women's pop choir.

In Ghent, Muzamies turned out to be a true sensation, no longer the small choir in Bruges, but the 50-strong women's choir, still led by Jos Vanden Abeele after all these years, opened the 2019 Gentse Feesten on a crowded Korenmarkt.

Muzamies is no stranger to the Flanders Korenfestival either. When we first participated in 2015, we immediately won prizes, during the next edition in 2017 we scored the top prize in our category and became the public's favorite in 2019.

2020-2021 marked some difficult years for choirs, but Muzamies continued enthusiastically and partly digitally, provided the necessary distances and mouth masks.

However, it did not stop them from participating in the open competition of the World Choir Games in the category 'pop choirs' at the end of 2021. The urge was clearly there, because thanks to a strong performance they were able to take first place to end the difficult year in a beautiful way.

2022-06-10 Muzamies Premiére 69353.jpg


We have not been sitting still in recent years and that resulted in incredibly pleasant experiences!

Would you like more information about past productions? Then click on the photos and discover the spirit of Muzamies.

Each production takes you into a separate story and therefore deserves a separate page. Be sure to take a look because there is a wealth of information: a description of the theme, some photos and maybe even a movie!


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