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Do you have a passion for music? Do you like to sing? Do you enjoy close harmony and harmony singing? Would you like to enrich our choir with your ambition and enthusiasm?

If your answer to these questions is 'YES!' be sure to sign up for our auditions!

We can always be enthusiastic, ambitious, fun, young

(and less young) ladies to strengthen our choir! We welcome every (trans) woman, every origin/culture, gender, orientation, background or disability to our audition. Maybe you will be our newest musician next year?



We rehearse every Monday evening from 8 pm to 10 pm in  Residential care center 'Heiveld'  (Antwerpsesteenweg 776, 9040 Gent). Singing starts at 19h45. This is also the time when we expect you.

We will continue to rehearse during the holidays, with the exception of the Christmas holidays and a large part of the Summer holidays.

Since 2022, our annual performance has been held in the spring (March/April/May). This means that our rehearsal year 'starts' in September.

As a result of performances, it happens that extra rehearsals are inserted or that we work with mandatory presences in order to participate in the performance. We always communicate this with you via the Facebook group. We expect you to communicate with someone from the team in a timely manner if problems arise.


When you come to Muzamies, we expect a strong commitment. In principle you come to rehearse every Monday, in exceptional cases it can happen that you can not make it. But you always inform us in good time if you can not come to a rehearsal or if you will be late.

We also record attendances. We do not want to doubt your enthusiasm, but if we notice that you are often absent, we will perhaps check your commitment.

We try to indicate every rehearsal what we have worked on so that you can keep up individually. Use the practice tracks and MuseScore on Google Drive to help you with this or ask your colleagues for some help from your own voice.
If we have learned or practiced a choreo, we will post the videos of it online so that you can practice at home.

We do a number of performances throughout the year (big spring performance, Ghent Winter and Summer Festivals, ...) where we show ourselves to the world as a group. These are distinct moments to show your commitment to Muzamies. Especially in the run-up to the performances, presence at rehearsals is very crucial.


For this firm commitment, you get a lot in return: a group of more than forty talented singers who also work together on choral productions of the highest order.


This year's program includes (subject to change):
• A weekend full of music
• A performance at a Relay for Life event.
• Performance during the Gentse Feesten (on the stage of the Korenmarkt)
• Participation in international competitions
• A big performance in the spring
• Performance during the Ghent Winter Festivities

Does that appeal to you and can you set aside enough time for this? Then quickly fill in the form below and introduce yourself briefly.

Our next auditions will take place in September 2022.


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