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Were you also there in 2019 when we set the Korenmarkt on fire? What a great audience you were! After 3 years, we were able to finally repeat this during the opening day of the Gent Festival 2022. We would never have dreamed that we would be able to perform in front of such a gigantic sea of people. Our energetic pop vibes rippled all over the square all the way to the back rows. Just when we thought we'd given it all, your enthusiasm pushed us even further. It was epic! 

Can't you just like us wait until we can have such a blast of a party?

At the next Gentse Feesten, we will completely fulfill that desire!

Because a Ghent women's pop choir belongs on the stage of a thoroughly Ghent folk festival.

JULY 15, 2021
2019-07-19 GF 9696.jpg


We will keep you informed!


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